The San Marino Tennis Academy is the result of an ambitious project, which was launched in 2009 from the agreement between the San Marino Tennis Federation and the former professional player Giorgio Galimberti.

In only a few years, Galimberti and his team have created an academy par excellence, which is not only home to some of the best young Italian tennis players, who are involved in junior and professional activities (national and international), but is also home to many established players looking to improve or to make their definitive breakthrough onto the world circuit.

The enthusiasm of Coach Galimberti, his ability to motivate his pupils and give them objectives, his attention to detail on and off the court, have brought the best out of all the Academy’s young talent. Now each of them is aware of their ability to play a key role at junior level and, in the future, pro level also.

The player’s training is based on the fundamental features of this discipline: technique, strategy, physical and mental training.

Each pupil is monitored with full and unwavering commitment. Not only do the results achieved
(all STA players have constantly improved in their ranking) demonstrate the quality that is provided here, but also the many requests to join from esteemed players, both male and female, who have recognised the perfect training venue in this accomplished centre, for the quality of its facilities, all state-of-the-art, and for the extreme professionalism of our coaches. Other than Galimberti, there are experienced coaches like Antonino Lo Paro (a young national teacher with excellent experience on the ITF Circuit and Tennis Europe), Igor Gaudi (former #169 in the ATP Ranking), Francesca Guardigli (former WTA player) and Giacomo Zonzini (teacher grade 2) , who are always at their players’ sides, even during the most important tournaments and competitions in Italy and abroad. Physical preparation is entrusted to Luca Fiore, who has extensive experience with professional athletes.

Furthermore STA has important foreign partnerships: placements with Corrado Barazzutti and other international coaches (technical and strategic aspects), expert advice on nutrition and physiotherapy (physical and medical aspects), mental coaching with Dr. Paolo Gambi and video analysis with Prof. Raffaele Tataranni. Essential partnerships to further improve and progress the sport and athletic abilities of the players!


The Tennis School is open to children 4 years and up and is offered as a kind of nursery for young talent. The objectives of our coaching team are to introduce the students to tennis and sport in general, with a comprehensive training method, that teaches respect for the rules, fairness, and sportsmanship on and off the court.

The lessons offered include 2/3 hours of tennis a week and 2/3 hours a week of physical training. The groups, separated according to age and technical level have a maximum of 4 students per court. We start with a program to develop motor abilities, for children under 5. We then follow this with different levels until they are 16.
Every level develops a planned and written program to learn technique and strategy, which in turn leads to reaching the next level, until students arrive to the doors of the Academy.

In the first few weeks of June and September, trials and weekly intensive courses are organised for those that aspire to attend the training school.

With the complete STS course, the student will acquire the full ability to practice the game of tennis, in a comprehensive way, and to take part in competitions.
Director of STS is Giacomo Zonzini, flanked with rotation by all the teachers of the Academy.
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